Services of the Tabačka complex

All of the services listed above are provided by the Tabačka area administration. In case you have a specific request that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Individual approach

We approach the needs of tenants individually. For long-term rentals, we are able to offer, for example, customized modifications of the space.

Friendly approach

The size of the Tabačka complex and variety of spaces allows us to meet our clients’ needs and always find the optimal solution.

Facility management

We take care to ensure that all technology and building elements are functional in agreement with the needs of our tenants.

What services we offer


Lease of the premises

We offer areas for rent from 34 to large halls. Each lease includes parking spaces.


Administration and technical services

We provide complete technical services, management of roads and the whole area, including cleaning services and greenery management.


Utilities and energy

Full connection of all required media, fibre optic data network for fast connection and green energy.


Building modifications of the premises

In case of a long-term lease, we can adapt your premises to the needs of your business.


Construction of new premises

If you are interested in long-term cooperation, we can offer you construction of new premises tailored to your needs.


Additional services

We provide a range of additional services related to your business in the Tabačka complex. Do not hesitate to contact us.

You and your property are safe in Tabačka

The entire area is completely fenced and monitored by a camera system with recording. The entrance is secured by a permanent service at the gatehouse and the building is also guarded by a professional security agency. Security in Tabačka operates in 24/7 mode.

Looking for the perfect space for your business?

Call or email us and we can work out together how to create the ideal conditions for your business. 

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