Tabačka complex

Over 60,000 m² and more than 30 buildings represent a large and varied offer from which even the most demanding clients can choose. You will find small spaces, large buildings, halls and storage containers.

Renting space in Hodonín

Interesting premises with a rich history in an ideal location, for rent for your business

There is a wealth of space available for various business uses in the Tabačka area. Located near the centre of Hodonín, it offers excellent connections with Brno, Bratislava and Vienna, as well as other destinations in Central Europe. Historically, this location has always been an important crossroads of trade routes and the same is true today.

Do business in comfort and safety

What we offer in the area

The entire Tabačka area is maintained all year round, we provide road management and cleaning services. In addition, it is under constant supervision of the security agency. For more information, please visit services page.

Small rooms and large halls

We lease spaces ranging from small offices with a floor plan of 34 m² to large production halls including parking areas.

Energy independence in Tabačka

There is a photovoltaic power plant on site, we use combined heat and power and a modernised substation.

Very wide range of services

The premises can be used for storage and transshipment of goods, we also offer rental of handling equipment and digital bridge scale.

Interactive map of Tabačka Hodonín

Thanks to the interactive map, you can get an idea of the total area of the complex and the locations of the individual buildings.

From the Premyslids to tobacco production

History of the Tabačka area

The first preserved written mention of Hodonín Castle dates back to 1169. After the end of the Great Moravian Empire and the annexation of Slovakia to Hungary, new castles were founded in strategically important places. One of them was Hodonín Castle, built on the important road from the Czech state to Hungary. At the instigation of the Czech Queen Constance of Hungary, wife of Přemysl Otakar I, the original Romanesque castle was rebuilt into a stone castle in the 13th century.

In 1464 Hodonín Castle became the property of the Lords of Kun of Kunštát, who in 1466 began an extensive and costly reconstruction in the late Gothic style. In the 16th century, the Lords of Lipé became the owners of the castle and rebuilt it according to the Moravian Krumlov into a four-winged Renaissance castle with arcades. The original castle fortifications were preserved around the castle with its quadrangular ground plan, which included the side arms of the Morava River.

The appearance of the Hodonín mansion was also changed by subsequent owners. The Lords of Liechtenstein in 1744 completed the Baroqueisation of the castle. At that time, the castle had a high main tower with a robust baroque helmet, two Gothic and two Renaissance single-storey tracts, two courtyards, an inner defensive moat with a bridge and an outer gate with a drawbridge over the Morava River in front of the moat.

In 1762 it was bought by the husband of Empress Maria Theresa, Franz Lorraine and in 1787 the aristocratic mansion was converted into a tobacco factory. After a major fire in 1802, the original castle was partially demolished and after a series of reconstructions it gradually lost its character. The last tract of the castle was demolished in 1914.

Since 1851, cigars and chewing tobacco were produced in the factory premises. In the 1860s, the production of cigarettes was switched to manual production, which was replaced by machine production in 1872. After 1945, the factory became part of the Czechoslovak tobacco industry and after privatisation in the 1990s, it was acquired by Philip Morris Czech Republic. In 2006, the entire site with production, warehouse and office buildings covering an area of more than 6 hectares was sold to a private company.

At present, the entire site is available for business as a high-potential premises with modern facilities and smooth accessibility for companies operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. There are more than 30 buildings available for rent, which can be used as office, production or warehouse space. The lease includes wide range of services and the possibility of individual customisation of the premises. 

Looking for the perfect space for your business?

Call or email us and we can work out together how to create the ideal conditions for your business. 

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