Operating rules
of the Tabačka area

I. Introductory provisions

1.1 These Operating Rules of the warehouse premises of Tabačka Hodonín, s.r.o. regulate the general conditions of use of the Non-residential premises and the premises (hereinafter referred to as the Operating Rules).

1.2.All persons entering the premises are familiarized with the Operating Regulations by means of information boards placed at the entrance to the premises or by publication on the Lessor’s website.

1.3 The Operating Regulations are binding for all persons who are on the premises of Tabačka Hodonín, s.r.o. and are therefore obliged to abide by these Operating Regulations.

1.4 The Lessor is entitled to change or modify the Operating Regulations. Such changes shall be sent to the Lessee electronically or published on the Lessor’s website.

1.5 The Lessee is obliged to instruct its employees, customers and suppliers on the rules set out in these Operating Regulations as amended and in force.

II. Entrance to the premises

2.1. The premises are accessible to:

  • Bratislavská Street , the main gateway for vehicle and pedestrian access;
  • Bratislavská Street , the main pedestrian entrance to the office building;
  • U Elektrárny Street, the rear gate for vehicle access;

from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Outside these hours, access will be granted only to the Lessee by the security staff of the premises. In case of 3-shift operation, this measure will be solved individually.

2.2. The entrance area of the premises is monitored by a camera system, which takes security video footage of selected areas. Persons entering the premises grant Tabačka Hodonín, s.r.o. their express consent to the taking, processing and storing of recordings of their person for the purpose of securing the access regimes to the premises and its buildings, and for the purpose of ensuring the protection of persons and property.

2.3 The “STOP” signal must always be obeyed when entering and exiting. To pass through the gates, it is sufficient to present a parking card issued by the premises administration. Drivers of unmarked vehicles and pedestrians are obliged to identify themselves to the security guards and state the purpose of their visit to the premises. In cases where the driver does not clearly prove the purpose of entering the premises (delivery note, invoice, other document), the security is entitled not to allow entry. The tenant may confirm entry from an authorised telephone number, which the tenant shall provide to the head of security.

2.4 The Lessor and the person authorized by him, in particular the security guard of the premises, is entitled to ask anyone to prove his identity and the person asked is obliged to prove his identity with his valid ID and to tell him the purpose of the visit and the subject visited. The Lessor or a person authorised by the Lessor, in particular the security guard of the Premises, is entitled to expel a person who is in the Premises without any reason from the Premises. Likewise, he/she is entitled to expel from the Premises anyone who violates these Operating Regulations.

III. Parking and movement of vehicles

3.1 All persons, i.e. tenants, employees, contractors and visitors, moving around the premises by means of transport or on foot (hereinafter referred to as “Participants”), are obliged to observe the basic principles of safety and to move only on designated roads and walkways. Where pavements are not marked, they shall move along the left-hand side of the road. The site is equipped with traffic signs. Vehicles on the right have right of way throughout the campus unless otherwise indicated by traffic signs. The maximum speed limit throughout the site is set at 20 km/h, 10 km/h for battery-powered trolleys. Exception is made for marked security service vehicles and emergency vehicles. These must always be given the right of way.

3.2 Participants of road traffic in the area are obliged to comply with all provisions of Act No. 361/2000 Coll. on road traffic.

3.3 Participants of traffic on the roads in the premises are obliged to behave in such a way as to ensure permanent access and access to all buildings, underground and above-ground hydrants and other material means of fire protection in the premises.

3.4 Parking on the premises is permitted only in leased parking spaces and in spaces reserved for this purpose. Parked vehicles must have a parking card visibly displayed in the vehicle at all times while on the premises. Contractors and visitors shall always park in the designated area of the business being visited. Vehicles of drivers who violate this obligation will be towed at the expense of their operators. The price of towing is set at CZK 1,500.

3.5 It is forbidden to park vehicles in places that are unsuitable for work safety, for possible fire fighting, in the protection zone of utility networks and in places where the surface is not sufficiently firm.

3.6 Only securely stored loads may be transported within the premises.

3.7 When transporting hazardous chemicals and preparations, road users on the premises are obliged to comply with the provisions of Act No. 356/2003 Coll. on chemicals and preparations, as amended, Act No. 111/1994 Coll. on road transport, as amended, and Decree No. 64/1987 Coll. on the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).

3.8. In the event of a traffic accident on the roads inside the premises, the procedure will be in accordance with Act No. 361/2000 Coll. Participants of the traffic accident are obliged to report this fact to the Lessor without delay.

3.9 The Lessor shall not be liable for any damage caused by the operation of motor vehicles on the premises.

IV. Waste

4.1 Containers are placed in the area for the disposal of common and sorted waste. Waste generated by the tenant’s specific activities (production, trade, services, etc.) must be disposed of in accordance with the tenant’s own waste management regulations and in the contractually agreed leased areas. It is forbidden to store any material or waste on the entire premises in places not designated by the lessor for this purpose (roads, open spaces, etc.).

4.2 The Lessee is obliged to comply with all legal regulations concerning waste management according to the Waste Act (Act No. 185/2001 Coll.)

4.3 The Lessee is particularly obliged to ensure proper handling of hazardous waste.

V. Fire regulations

5.1 The Tenant acknowledges that there is a strict no smoking policy throughout the Premises, both inside and outside the Premises.

5.2.The Tenant is obliged to comply with all regulations relating to fire protection in accordance with the Tenant’s operation in the leased premises (according to the Fire Protection Act No. 133/1985 Coll. and related regulations), in particular to have the appropriate number and type of fire extinguishers in the Non-residential premises, to carry out regular inspections on these. The Tenant’s obligations in relation to fire protection are further specified in the Annex to the Business Premises Lease Agreement.

5.3. In the event of any fire, the Lessee is obliged to immediately call the Fire Department (tel. 150) or the Police of the Czech Republic and at the same time inform the security of the premises and the Lessor.

VI. Other Arrangements

6.1 The owner of the premises shall not be liable for theft of items from the rented premises. Tenants may, at their own expense and with the knowledge of the premises owner, install suitable signalling equipment, which may be connected to a permanent service in agreement with the security agency.

6.2 In the event of damage to property, their own or third parties, everyone is obliged to report this fact without undue delay to the owner of the premises or an authorized person and to follow his instructions.

VII. Contact

Security dispatch:  +420 518 321 300

Campus Management: info@tabacka.eu

These operating rules of the Tabačka Hodonín premises come into force on the date of their issue.


In Hodonín, 1 April 2016

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