About us

We’re Tabačka. A complex in the centre of Hodonín with a wide range of production, warehouse and office space for your business with great accessibility.

Who we are and what we do

We have been operating in the field of real estate and logistics since 2009. We take care of large production area former tobacco factory in the centre of Hodonín, which we offer for long-term and short-term lease. We manage more than 30 buildings on an area of more than 6 hectares. Thanks to the great variability and possibilities of the premises we are ready to satisfy both small and demanding requirements.

In addition to building and space rental, we also add extensive range of services that will make your business in Tabačka much easier.

We provide short-term rentals

We are able to offer you a favorable rental for a short period of time, or even premises for one-time use.

We provide long-term rental

The advantage of a long-term lease is the possibility of making individual adjustments to the premises and savings on energy.

We are producers of green electricity

We have been generating our own electricity since 2010 using photovoltaic power plants, which were later joined by high-efficiency combined heat and power. Now, from 2023, we are also the operator of the largest battery storage facility for electricity in Moravia.

A few numbers about us

We take pride in our many years of experience in in the field of rentals and logistics.


Years of experience


Buildings for rent

60 000+

square meters of land under management

What's new in Tabačka

We bring you the latest news from the Tabačka area. What is happening under the roof and in the area? Take a peek inside the Tabačka, where we really don’t get bored. From the renovation of existing spaces and the building of new ones, to all the news in Tabačka and the events that have taken place.

New office space

Customized existing premises, according to the tenant’s requirements. Office space with timeless design and a pleasant working environment for employees.

Location of more containers

More storage containers have just arrived on the premises, measuring 12 x 2.5 m. With the help of a crane they are all in place and ready for full use.

What is unique about Tabačka

The area will attract you from the first moment. From a business point of view, it offers a wealth of possibilities and logistically it is ideally located. It also has an amazing indoor atmosphere and a tremendous history, all of which our tenants can capitalize on marketing-wise.

The history of the Tabačka industrial estate is a long one. It is built on the remains of the former Hodonín water castle, which dates back to the mid-12th century. Today, only the stone coat of arms of the Lords of Kunštát from around 1465 and the remains of the castle in the cellars and in some of the buildings remind us of its rich history. The coat of arms originally adorned the castle portal, today it can be seen on one of the buildings of the former tobacco factory.

In the 1870s a textile manufactory was put into operation in the factory premises, and from 1851 cigars and chewing tobacco were produced here. A few years later, the production switched to cigarettes, which continued uninterruptedly until 2005.

Looking for the perfect space for your business?

Call or email us and we can work out together how to create the ideal conditions for your business.

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